On Friday I loaded up the kids and made the two hour trek across the state to visit one rock star of a lady. . .
My sister. 

She’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?  She is four years my junior and I absolutely cherish her.  I can not think back on our years growing up without smiling and even laughing at the endless memories that are stored in my heart.  I can still vividly see the slumber parties we had in each others rooms.  Talking and laughing into the late hours until we both succumbed to exhaustion.  I remember making up dances together and then putting on “shows” to anyone who would pay attention.  I can still recall hours spent sitting outside on a blanket surrounded by Barbies on summer days where there was no awareness of time.  There are so many beautiful memories tucked away in my heart and I hold on to them like the precious gift that they are.

  Of course everything wasn’t perfect between us. . . we are sisters and if you have a sister you know that sisters can fight with the best of them.  We did that, too.

I will admit it.  I took advantage of my “older” standing often.  We still laugh at the game we used to play.  My instructions went something like, “Okay, Ashley, I’m going to start the stopwatch and go downstairs for a bit, lets see how much of my room you can clean before I get back.  On your marks, get set, go”.  Like I said, I was no angel. I can’t remember how long it took for her to catch on, but oh it grieved me when she did.  Despite the occasional annoyances and fighting, I loved having a little sister and remember being very protective of her.  No one better mess with my sister. . .

The years have brought lots of changes and a quick inventory would make one think that we are as different as night and day.  She is tattooed and pierced to the hilt and I am as “plain” as could be.  She wears black.  I wear pink.  She’s Rob Zombie, I’m Sara Bareilles.  She’s up late and I’m up early.  But if you looked really close you would find we are more alike than we are different and one thing we have always been able to do is laugh together. . .

We did that on Friday.  This girl knows how to show my kids a good time.  The kind of fun that  the  this Mom avoids at all costs. . .

The Chuck E. Cheese kind of fun. 

I call this a Chuck E. Cheese smile. . .

And let me just tell you. . . I saw my kids excited in a way I never saw them excited before.  “This is awesome!” was exclaimed a minimum of 1000 times.  And when we left Charlie let us all know that “this was an amazing day.” 

A hug of thanks.

We weren’t done yet, though.  It was time to go to “her park”.  What a beautiful afternoon with even more beautiful scenery. 

There is something very surreal about watching my sister with my kids.  In my head I still see her as that little girl who trailed me in almost everything I did.  It is in moments like this though, that I am reminded at how far she’s come. . . how far we have come.  
My sister’s most beautiful quality is her “I’ve got your back” quality.  She will go to any length to be there for those she loves.  Over the years, there have been times when our roles have shifted and she has protected me in the way that I used to feel so protective of her.  I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful that as we have grown and changed the one thing that remains is our sister bond.  A bond that is so deep and so profound to put a word to it would cheapen it.  
And in all sincerity, if I could have my pick of all the people in the entire would to be my sister, I would pick Ashley. . .

  • Ashley - October 4, 2010 - 7:17 pm

    I love you!!!!ReplyCancel

  • lisa - October 4, 2010 - 7:30 pm

    Awwww…how sweet and what fun you all had!

    I have 2 younger sisters and as I was reading this I was flooded with so many great childhood memories! Especially can relate to the older sis thing- I used to make my lil' sis (who is 5 yrs younger) give me pedicures and come turn my light off for me when I was too lazy to get out of bed! 🙂 Ohhh- I was so bummed when she finally grew up and realized she didn't have to do that! hmmmpfff!

    It's funny- my sisters and I are all so very different, too. I am the plain jane, straight as an arrow, rule follower…unlike the troublemakers they were growing up!! 🙂 Must be something about being the oldest….ReplyCancel

  • SassyTimes - October 4, 2010 - 8:05 pm

    This post makes me happy. I always wished I had a sister. I'm so excited and beyond blessed that I gave Sophia (and Evelyn) a sister. I hope they have a strong, loving bond throughout life as well.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Hammett - October 5, 2010 - 4:42 pm

    Beautiful well written synopsis of how dearly important Ashley is to you. Oh Summer – my brother and I often recount childhood stories…it doesn't matter how many times they get told – they are still so real and fun to talk about! We laugh just as hard now as we did 10 years ago when we discussed them. The photo of Ashley you took is just gorgeous! The reel of the two of you is priceless!ReplyCancel

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