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During the time of year when most are anxiously finishing their Christmas shopping, cleaning homes and preparing food for the craziness that this season brings, I pause and rest my eyes on another special day.  The birthday of my dear Friend over at Trophy Life

I know. . . how beautiful is she?

 How could I let the day pass without giving the appropriate Happy Birthday. . . blog style?

I met Ms. Trophy Life in college.  At first we were just acquaintances, then we became friends, and then we became roommates.  And I think once you are roommates there is this rule that says you have to be friends for life.  And, well, I know in this woman I have a friend for life.

The best word I can put to this beautiful woman is “spark”.  Yes, she comes with a spark.  You can not be around her and not smile and laugh and be just in that moment.  She has this built in zeal for life thing that just makes you want to say “that girl is my Friend.”  It goes deeper than that, though.  She has this quiet strength and deep sensitivity that invites the most real of emotions and the most honest of discussions.  Yep, she pretty much has it all. 

We had some fun times back in the day.  Friend, I hope you know that those memories are treasures I store up in my heart.  Your invitation to be roommates that year, literally changed the direction of my life. . . and I am forever grateful for that.  I thank you for bringing laughter and joy and for walking along side of me during some of the best and most difficult times.  I thank you for being in my corner every time I’ve needed you.  I thank you for exhibiting courage and strength not only then, but now.

And, of course, I can not leave out the nickname you gave me all those years ago that continues to be the name I answer to most often by those closest to me. . . “Sumo”. . . every time I hear it, I think of you.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend. . . I want you to know that without a doubt. . . I am better off for having you in my life.

  • Trophy Life - December 24, 2010 - 2:17 am

    oh, friend. you outdid yourself with THIS post. i LOVE you so very much. one of the best gifts of the year? my day-late time with you.

    i love you very, very much.

    thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks – for always supporting and then taking the time to write something so wonderful.ReplyCancel

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