After extensive research, throughout which I applied the scientific method– including but not limited to hypothesis construction, testing, and data analysis– I have come to the following conclusion:

The hunger, weight, and nourishment {or lack thereof} of Summer’s oldest child is directly related and proportional to the state of Summer’s mind. 

Your looking for my proof, aren’t you?  Here goes. . .

I pack lunches for my boys every evening.  Charlie’s one and only request is a PB&H (Peanut butter and honey).  It’s the only thing he will eat.  Jelly?  No.  Cold meat?  No.  PB&H is a must.  Chad, on the other hand, prefers a turkey sandwich.  Nothing fancy.  Bread, cheese, turkey, mayo and mustard.  My boys are simple. 

Not too much to ask, right?  Apparently so. 

Last week I switched my boys sandwiches.  Charlie came home from school famished after eating only a cheese stick for lunch.  I apologized to him and explained that I must not have been paying attention.  He was quick to smile and acknowledge his ‘crazy mommy’ and we moved on. 

Then it happened again.  Hungry boy returns home.  I apologize.  He forgives.  This time I promise, it won’t happen again.

The next day I get a rare call from Chad in the middle of the day. . . just wanted to let you know I have a PB&H in my lunch.

Seriously?!  Again?
Yep, it happened again.  Three times in one week.  My poor boy suffered the effects of my head-in-the-cloud syndrome. 

There you have it:  Proof.

Well, I’m happy to report that it’s a new week I am on a roll. . . five days in a row my boys have opened their lunches to find the correct sandwiches. 

It’s okay, I’ll pause for applause. 

. . .

. . .

Thank you.

In all seriousness, after the nonstop craziness of last week, this week things have slowed down a bit and we’re feeling a bit back to normal.  Calmness has reentered.

Last week was a good week, but as I stated yesterday, we had lots going on including a road trip Chanelle took with my in-laws.  She was gone for almost three full days. (Ugh, I know).  She had a great time, but the rest of us were out of sorts without her.  When she returned Charlie and Meadow did not hide their excitement.  Meadow clapped at first glimpse and Charlie was ready to have his partner in crime back.


As I watched them reunite I was filled with pride at how wonderfully they all get along.  Charlie and Chanelle ran around, played, and reconnected like only brothers and sisters do. 

Yep, I was a proud Mama thinking wow, we must be doing something right.And then we put them to bed.  Within minutes both Charlie and Chanelle reemerged from the bedroom asking for help.  They were making signs for their beds. . .

In case you need a translation for Charlie’s sign’s: 

Sign 1: No age two to four. Only Joshy.  (Of course I had to inform Charlie that Chanelle was now FIVE)Sign 2:  No girls allowed on my bed!!

And because Chad is a good Dad, he helped Chanelle with her sign (which she hung upside down). . .

No boys allowed on my bed!!!

Honey moon was over in two hours. 

Ahhh, like I said, things are getting back to normal. 

This past week has given us cooler temperatures, rain, and darker days, forcing us inside.  While I can not get enough of the outdoors, this week we’ve found ourselves slowing down and enjoying simpler, slower, and more low key activities. 

While Charlie is at school, the girls are discovering toys that have been neglected all summer and Meadow makes sure we are aware that she has a sense of humor.

Since the weather was less than ideal this week, Chanelle and I decided that it was time to introduce Meadow to the library.  Girlfriend loved it.

She crawled around and sorted through books like she’s been doing it for years.  Of course, she has not yet been alive for a year.

Big sis made sure she got the grand tour from the train set. . .

Meadow waving to cars passing by.

to the Lego’s. . .

Meadow becoming one with the Lego table
Yes, as much as I love the warmer months of the year, these cooler days offer a different kind of gift that we are currently rediscovering. 

At the top of that list?  We are slowing down.  And you know what comes with slowing down?

Two boys who get to each lunch.

Five days in a row!!  Yep, I’m feeling good.


One last thing. . . Remember my 365-Project? 

Well, I decided why stop a good thing? 

Year two is underway.  Month 1: Complete.


Remember to set your clocks back!  An extra hour of sleep! 

Unless you have kids, in which case, prepare for a very long Sunday. 

Happy Weekend!

  • Pam - November 2, 2012 - 9:48 pm

    I knew I liked that boy Charlie. Peanut butter and honey has been my favorite since my Mama first made it for me when I was a very little girl…..I just came home and made myself a little bowlful afterschool and ate it with a spoon!ReplyCancel

  • Evie - November 5, 2012 - 4:02 pm

    I absolutely love the photo of the 3 of them reuniting. You really captured a moment with that one! Happy November!ReplyCancel

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