Light & Airy

I just sent Chad this video of two gorillas (don’t stop reading–nothing negative here) being reunited with the family that raised them in their early days before releasing them into the wild.  It’s such a cute video and worth a few short minutes of time if you are looking for something a little light and airy on this Friday.

Chad emailed me back. . .

“I WANT ONE!!!!”
“That’s amazing!”

I responded immediately, “Right?! I want two–because I don’t want it to be an only-gorilla.”

“Sure thing!” he responded.

So, we are making plans to bring gorillas into our home.  There is a “no farm animal policy” in our neighborhood, but I don’t think gorillas qualify as farm animals, so we should be okay, right?


It’s been a heavy week.  Just last night I was remarking to Chad how incredibly tragic the news has been this week.  One after another, stories of loss and tragedy have appeared weighing on the hearts of everyone around the world, I know.  I’m feeling like we need a little light and airy here.

Speaking of airy, I just went to the laundry room and moved clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Charlie was asking me a question so I left the laundry room to talk to him.  When we were done, I returned to the laundry room and moved the clothes from the dryer to the washer and felt very confused as to how to work the “dryer”.

Airy, I can do.


We have slid into our summer days with ease.  The adjustment period we seemed to need in years passed seem only a faint memory and the days are slipping by while we, for the most part, are basking in their beauty.


I never imagined myself as a country girl.  I never imagined that I would fall in love with big wide spaces and open skies.  And as much as I love visiting big cities, I recently told Chad, I can’t imagine life anywhere else. (No need to remind me of this when all the grass is brown and fallen leaves have left the trees naked and the temperature is 5 degrees.)

V56B4287V56B4309V56B4859V56B4889I mean, let’s been real–it’s not like we live on a farm.  I probably can’t be called a true-blooded country girl.  I don’t even own overalls, for goodness sake. But really, we don’t have horses or goats or sheep or cows. . . well, sort of.
V56B5543V56B5511But we do have our fair share of creatures–even if there are no cows or horses on our property. . .

But still, a look out the window makes me so thankful that we landed in this spot and our days are spent in these wide open spaces.

Mornings spent exploring and discovering. . .

5E4A35035E4A35095E4A35155E4A35255E4A34875E4A3532. . . are only made better when friends join us.

V56B4916Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes we find ourselves at places that are a bit less wide open, but produce smiles nonetheless. . .

The things of summer.  That’s all it really is.  Breathing in the fresh air and soaking up every bit of daylight that we can.  Summertime and all her hours are such a gift that we don’t take for granted. . .

And we will continue to do so until the inevitable day comes. . .

When our little ones think we really aren’t all that cool.

But at least, when that time comes,  we’ll have our gorillas.


Happy Friday, Friends!

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