Running Chatter

Back in August, before my injury, I closed each day in the same manner.  After brushing my teeth and doing all the “normal” nightly tasks, I would climb into bed and reach into my night stand and pull out The Complete Runner’s Day by Day Log.  I opened it up to the current week and recorded information about that days run.  Mileage, time, weather, and how I felt were written down and cataloged for, well, I don’t really know what.  This has been my routine for at least 17 years.  There is a box in the basement that holds all of this very useless information. . .

I realize that it must seem obsessive. . . and it probably is. Of course, I haven’t run in several months so one might assume that I have broken free from this obsessive ritual.  It seems, however, that I have only replaced one obsession for another.  Now, in the evening the voices are whispering. . .

Must blog. . . then sleep. . . must blog. . . then sleep. . . must blog. . . then sleep. . .
Okay, there really aren’t voices. . . but you get the point.  I’m exhausted tonight, though.  Bed is calling my name and I am beginning to see stars.

Running chatter it is. . .

1.  My son has a hero and his name is Daddy. . .

The other day the kids and I were driving by the soccer fields in our town.  Charlie saw them and said, “there is where Hannah and Noah (his friends) play soccer.”  I nodded my head and asked him if he would like to play soccer this year.  He immediately and quite assertively nixed the idea and informed me that he had already told me that he doesn’t want to play soccer.  I let him know that it was okay if he didn’t want to and of course we weren’t going to make him.  I gently offered alternative suggestions such as T-ball or basketball and again he was adamant that he had no interest in doing these things.  Finally, I asked him if there was any kind of sport or activity he would like to do.  With a heavy, annoyed sigh he answered, “Mommy, I’ve told you a million times that I’m going to be a landscaper like Daddy.”

Yep, he adores his Dad and I would have it no other way.  The kid has great taste.


2.  Since December 10th my footwear has consisted of one “regular” shoe and one post-surgical shoe like this. . .

I know, I know. . . sexy.  You wouldn’t believe some of the comments I’ve gotten from complete strangers.  Comments like. . . “Couldn’t decide which shoe to wear, huh?” or “Did you get dressed in the dark? or “Trying to start a new trend.?”   And my favorite, “Did you do something to your foot?” 


Anyway, Monday was a momentous day. . .

I wore two of the SAME shoes to work.  Not just shoes, either. Heels!  Recovery is progressing!


3.  I like to bake.  Just this weekend I baked these little Hostess look-a-likes. . .

The funny thing?  We don’t really eat the fruits of my labor.  (Haha, fruits. . . )  One or two might stay at the house, but the rest tend to be shipped off with Chad for his co-workers or to other random places.  Is that strange?  I just like the baking part. . . it’s like therapy. 


4.  My husband makes me smile.  He just told me that Josh Cribbs tweeted him.  You know. . . THE Josh Cribbs.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I didn’t know who we was.  I had to Google him.  He play for the Browns.

Yep, my husband is officially a Rock Star.  Just sayin.


5.  Sometimes I look at my daughter and I can’t believe she is only three.  At times the look she has in her eye makes me think she understands far more than she should.  Even her physical features, at times, remind me of someone who has lived years longer.  Hair that falls flawlessly across her forehead and curls that appear to be placed in just the right spot, give the impression that she must be older than three.

Those moments are fleeting, though, when in the blink of an eye the scene changes. . .

Oh, yes. . . she lives out every bit of her three-ness. 

6.  At any given time, I am reading about four books . .

I would like to say that such a fact makes me studious, intelligent, and curious.  In all reality, it is only a lack of commitment and focus.  Somewhere during chapter 4 of one book, my mind wanders to another interest and I pick up another.  The Kindle does not help my situation–I don’t have to lug around four books anymore. 

What’s a girl to do?


So goes another Running Chatter. . .

Happy Wednesday!

  • Sassytimes - February 9, 2011 - 1:58 pm

    Yay for matching shoes…and heels! Awesome.

    I, too, read multiple books at a time. I agree, my Kindle encourages it.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - February 9, 2011 - 6:21 pm

    So how were the matching shoes??? I take it you didn't slip on the ice:) I have bruises to prove I have. Yep sounds like Charlie:) or in the winter he builds his office out of blocks he doesn't miss anything. Can't believe your daughter is 3 either. Now the reading I do that too but with the real book but only take one with me at a time. Happy Wednesday.ReplyCancel

  • Westerville Mom - February 9, 2011 - 11:31 pm

    So glad you can wear shoes!
    It's not strange to bake and give away. It's far better than what I do…bake and eat!ReplyCancel

  • Ky • - February 10, 2011 - 6:39 am

    (I've missed your blog… I'm glad to be reading again!)

    Loved this post.

    And I also read about four books at one time on Kimber. (My kindle.) Wish I could focus, too.ReplyCancel

  • Charbelle - February 11, 2011 - 2:33 am

    That is so precious how Charlie looks up to his Dad, wow I got teary!! Yay for 2 matching shoes and heels no less, very cute heels i might add!!! Chanelle looks so very grown up in that picture and so very much like a little girl in the second, and beautiful in both!!! I bake and give the end results away often, I love to bake and I love sweets but I also like my clothes to fit 🙂
    I can't read more than 1 book at a time, if I like the book I read through, if I don't I quit reading. I'm a fast reader so this is how it works for me. Funny enough I was just talking to a coworker today about how she has a book upstairs and downstairs and a book on tape in the car.ReplyCancel

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