About This Blog

Running Chatter made its first
appearance in the blogosphere in July 2010. However, the story doesn’t begin
there. Just as a baby begins as a tiny
speck in her mother’s womb and grows, cell by cell, until she is perfectly
developed for her birth, this space has a similar journey.

I dreamed about this space for years. I
faithfully read the blogs of friends and wondered what it would be like to have
the courage to write like they wrote. I
thought about the topics I would write about and how I might use my love for
writing in a creative way. Late one
night in 2009 I sat with my journal and recorded possible names for my
imaginary blog. That was the night Running Chatter was conceived.

Still, the time wasn’t right. Running Chatter sat idle for another
year and waited for my courage to grow.

In March 2010 the unexpected death of my Mom left me reeling and looking for
something to do with my grief. Running Chatter was finally born.

I had no idea what this space would become.
I envisioned a space where I would share not only my love for running,
but also the musings that often come to my while I run. It began that way, but, for me, turned into
so much more.

Running Chatter became a place of healing
as I wrote about the loss of my Mom and was greeted by the incredible support
of this community. As if healing wasn’t
enough, this space has become a place of discovery—discovery of myself and
discovery of the beautiful world around me.
While I don’t write about my Mom as often as I used to, the topic does
pop up from time to time.

I write about life in this space. But
really, there is no “I”. It is we. It is us.
It is our life–life with my husband, Chad, and our three children,
Charlie, Chanelle, and Meadow. In this
space you will find someone who loves beautiful words and enjoys sharing
them. I write about our daily adventures
as well as my ever over-thinking musings on life. I write about photography—a gift that came to
me through Running Chatter. Simply put, I write about whatever is on
my mind at the time.

I desire for this to be a positive space, but that doesn’t mean everything is
always pretty. I desire this to be a
real space, so you will hear about when I burn Tupperware. I desire this to be a space you’d like to
visit again.