What If?

What if the words I say to them really matter?
What if they are really watching how I relate to others?
What if they are truly observing how I view myself?
When if they are listening when I think they aren’t?
What if they are learning by the way I love their dad?
What if their security is tied to my security with myself?
What if their ability to dream depends on the canvas I lay out for them?
What if their ability to embrace themselves depends on how I embrace them?
What if they are really seeing how I serve others?
What if they are really watching my journey of faith?
What if their ability to laugh at themselves is directly related to my ability to laugh at myself?
What if they are learning by the way I handle struggles?
What if my joy impacts their joy?
What if they learn to risk by watching the risks I do and do not take?
What if they are watching as I live this life?
What if they do as I do and not as I say?
What if their confidence is impacted by how intensely I listen?
What if they understood how much I love them?

What if. . . . ?

Who they become, I believe, is directly tied to who I am and who I am becoming.  That both scares me and excites me.  As my journey continues I acknowledge the immense responsibly I have to continue to grow and change so that I might exemplify a life well lived.   More than anything, though, it is my love that matters.  How fully, truly, and unconditionally I love and accept who they are. . . really, really, matters.

  • lisa - September 14, 2010 - 1:28 pm

    Simply beautiful words. Your babies are very lucky to have such an insightful mom! You are very blessed.

    My babies are out of the preschool age and these things that you wrote are the things that are written on my heart…I think about everyday with all of my actions.

    Again, thanks for sharing! 🙂ReplyCancel

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