Feeling the Shift

I did a happy dance today.  A full out jump up and down, arms flapping through the air, spinning around in circles, crazy kind of happy dance.  My kids witnessed my little episode.  At first they just stared with stunned looks on their faces. But ever so slowly, smiles crept across their faces as they caught my enthusiasm.  Chanelle was the first to react.  She jumped up from her seated position and ran toward me and dove into my arms.  We danced through the living room and before long Charlie joined us in his own way. . .”Mommy, chase me.”  And there we were, in the early morning hours, dancing, running, jumping, and laughing, while outside the sky was sending us a message.


Spring has sprung!  (Or at least it’s really close to springing.)  Today the sun was peeking its way through the clouds and the pinks, oranges, and blues were harmonizing in such a way that took my breath away. . . or at least invited a happy dance. 

I realize that I committed to cease all complaints about Old Man you-know-who. . . and I will hold to my commitment.  Today, though, was the first day that I really felt that he might be loosening his grip on us.  It began with the beautiful sky and and was followed up with the consistently rising temperatures. 

It was a day that demanded the skipping of naps so we could respond to the very clear invitation to enter and enjoy.

Their enjoyment was almost erratic as they bounced from one activity to another.  Bikes and big wheels were traded for shovels and buckets that dug into the newly thawed ground.  Buckets were quickly traded for swings that took them flying through the air before finding yet another activity.

This is why I love where we live. . . Four times a year we get to experience a celebration as one season transitions to another.  Spring-to-Summer, Summer-to-Fall, Fall-to-Winter, Winter-to Spring.  Each season marks a special moment in time that brings equal parts nostalgia and anticipation.  On days like today I am ready to don my party hat and pull out the noise makers and scream and yell, “It’s coming, it’s coming!  Spring is near!” 

But since I’m a little more subdued than that, we welcomed it by becoming a part of it.  We dug our hands into it, we let it’s waters rush over us, we discovered all that the snow has been hiding for months and let me tell you. . . it was wonderful.

The shift that is occurring is not just happening in the atmosphere.  It’s not just the increasing temperatures and the melting of the snow.  The shift is happening in us, too.  Not only can I feel it, but I can see it.  I saw it today.  There was a brightness in their smiles and an enthusiasm in their steps as they realized. . . spring is near.  In one day it seemed that their whining stopped and their play was without conflict.

It’s seems silly, I’m sure.  This is my 32nd spring and you might think that the season change might lose it’s appeal. . . but it doesn’t.  I take such joy in watching the branches of our crab apple tree, as I anticipate the arrival of it’s beautiful white flowers.  I am ever enthusiastic about each blade of grass as it becomes bolder, brighter, stronger.  I can not wait to see the life that is so prevalent in the spring season. 

This shift is happening.  I see it everywhere, but mostly I feel it. Something has come alive. .  spring is near.

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