An Honest Question and Summertime

“I think that at all times we are going into a storm, we are in the middle of a storm, or we are coming out of a storm. . . that’s just life.”

These were words expressed to me today in a conversation I was having with someone.  Honestly, the statement left me puzzled.  This person wasn’t referring the the thunder/lightening kind of storm, but rather the kind of trials that come our way and produce challenges, heartache, and pain.  The kind of storms that either knock us over or show us how strong we are. 

All day I’ve been thinking about this comment.  All day I’ve wondered. . . is this really true?

I don’t want to believe it.  I don’t want to believe that I have to spend my entire life waiting for the other shoe to drop or the next trial present itself.  I don’t want to live in survival mode. . . and I personally don’t think we have to.  I will admit, though, that the statement made me wonder if I was just in denial.  I wonder if I’ve created a cocoon of comfort around myself to prevent life’s challenges from reaching me.  Am I not stretching enough?  Growing enough?  Challenging myself enough? 

To be honest, I see most of life through the lens of losing my Mom.  It makes me see the world differently, but it also makes me see me differently.  Maybe a storm to one person is a sprinkle to another?  Maybe the further down life’s path we go. . . the less likely we are going to be shaken and shattered by things that come at us? 

What do I know?  I’m just a little blogger who comes to my little corner of the world wide web to share the random thoughts that swirl around in my head.  A blogger who just happens to be enjoying a period of calm as we dive head first into a season of summer.

I’m curious what others think. . . are we always in one state of a storm or another or are there real periods of calm where we can just enjoy that what is right in front of us?

(End of deep thought)
It seems that somewhere in the turning of the calender May forgot to tell June that we must ease our way into summer.  Instead, we have jumped head first into August-like temperatures that leave us forgetting the long cold winter that was not long ago.

Who doesn’t love Summertime?  Jeans and sweatshirts are traded for flip flops and bathing suits.  It seems that the last several weeks little bodies have been dripping wet and draped in towels more than they have been fully clothed and presentable.  How many different ways can they enjoy water?  I think we’ve discovered them all. . .

The smell of sunscreen is like a perfume and I breathe the scent along with the flowers that bloom all around us.  Life seems to move slower as the days get longer and slower is okay.  There is no more rushing from here to there, but being outside and taking it all in is enough for us.  The lazy days of summer. . . I get that.

I used to fret about the day when my kids didn’t take naps.  I seriously worried how I would handle the days without the two hour break in the middle of the day.  I was terrified that I would lose my mind and be completely lost with how to entertain them without the breather that I had been used to for so long.  About six months ago both kids decided that they were done with naps.  I tried everything to no avail. . . I had to face it. . . my break was gone.  Turns out. . . having them awake is quite fun.  I have found that they are more relaxed and more willing to play together.  The creativity that they display is more abundant and the things we find to do with our time is more fulfilling.  In all reality, I am not constantly watching the clock anxious for the beginning and the end of nap time.

One day Chanelle spent the afternoon being a bunny.

And do you know how long kids can be entertained by a cardboard box (a.k.a. Fort?)?

Really, summertime is about simple things.  Spending time together.  Racing the sun to see which will get the most of a Popsicle. Foregoing bedtime for roasting marshmallows by the fire and enjoying special treats that are the hallmark of summer. 

I think that’s what it’s all about.  Enjoying the simple things in life and not letting them pass me by.  Allowing myself to stop and breathe in the beauty of a moment even if it is just a Popsicle or a sprinkler.  I believe these moments matter just as much as the storms and challenges in life.  In fact, maybe these moments matter  more.  I refuse to believe that I have to wait for the winds to rage and the next storm to come. . . I’m going to enjoy what is right here in front of me simply because I can.  

Happy Summer Everyone!

  • SnappyTulip - June 10, 2011 - 11:52 am

    Love your summer days! What fun. I too dread the end of naps. But you give me hope that it will be ok.ReplyCancel

  • Sassytimes - June 10, 2011 - 12:53 pm

    I think there is a moment of calm…but, I think life is all about your attitude and how you perceive things. Like you said, a storm to some is just a sprinkle to others. Enjoy your calm!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - June 10, 2011 - 9:41 pm

    I think there is at least some truth to the opening thought…..that is just life, but that does not make life bad. When I spent the day with Jim Tressel he used that same statement and said it is a matter of perspective. I had to ponder that a bit. Storms don't always have to be hurricanes, sometimes they are a shower that soaks in deep and helps us to grow, not a downpour that washes us away.
    Try this quote…..'Be a river not a reservoir'….John MaxwellReplyCancel

  • mateo ellogg - June 11, 2011 - 3:30 pm

    Life is a bunch of storms one lined up after another and that's how we live life to the fullest. A storm to the children is a slight breeze to you. We learn, adapt, grow, and become stronger people, giving over our weaknesses to God and using the skills we have assembled in our tool box of life to help others learn, adapt, and grow. I think we can be proactive to storms by growing and learning to deal with changes in every part of our life, so when the big one comes it is overwhelming, but not uncontrollable. Inevitably there is something new, something we have no idea how to handle, but that is what community and the thousands of previous storms have been for, to teach, comfort, and enable growth after the storm passes.ReplyCancel

  • Summer - June 11, 2011 - 4:46 pm

    I really appreciate the responses on this topic. The responses have been thought provoking. . . and I agree life is a series of storms. . .BUT, I also believe that there are periods of calm where the tides are low and peace is all around. At least I hope that for everyone. . .ReplyCancel

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