In a Blink of an Eye

In a moment a smile stretches across my face as a five pound baby boy is placed in my arms for the very first time. 

And in a blink of an eye. . .

. . . he’s just days away from starting Kindergarten.


In a moment I understand that the heart actually expands when my tiny baby girl is placed in my arms for the very first time.

And in a blink of an eye. . .

. . . she straps on a backpack and anticipates her very first day of Preschool. 


In a moment I look down and see a big fat “+” on a pregnancy test and my pregnancy ticker  reads, “200+ days to go”.

And in a blink of an eye. . .


. . . is the number I read.


Oh my.  It’s all going so fast.

Charlie starts school this week and Chanelle next week.  I thought I would be scared.  I thought I would be terrified.  I thought that my heart would feel as though it’s being ripped out of my chest. 

But then I remembered. . .

I remembered the way I feared, cried, and grieved Charlie’s preschool experience.  How I fought it, how I dreaded it, how I thought we had come to an ending. 

We dropped him off.  We said good-bye.  Chad fought back tears and I let mine fall. 

We let it happen and we saw. . .

We saw him grow.  We saw him blossom.  We saw him become more “Charlie”.

Then I realized. . . it wasn’t an ending, it was a beginning.   


I won’t lie.  There may very well be a walnut size lump in my throat when their hands unclasp mine and we go our separate ways.  There may be a few tears that slip from my eyes as I climb back into the car and start up the engine.  As I drive away, slow deep breaths and numerous prayers will be necessary.

More than anything, though, I’m excited. 

Excited to watch them stand on their own.  To watch them discover.  To watch them grow.  To watch them learn.  To watch them become more of who they are supposed to be.


In a blink of an eye everything can change. . . and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

(The author of this blog reserves the right to come back to this space to pour out her sorrow and grief (if needed) should these upcoming changes not go as smoothly as she anticipates.)

  • Charbelle - August 22, 2011 - 11:30 am

    Change is bittersweet and it's so true that the end is also the beginning, which is exciting yet tear jerking at the same time! Hope all goes smoothly and well!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sassytimes - August 22, 2011 - 1:07 pm

    Oh man, I'm trying SO HARD to not think about S starting preschool in a few weeks. I'm just enjoying these last few weeks with her all to myself because I KNOW I will be a basket case. I know it.

    Teach me to be strong?!ReplyCancel

  • Written Permission - August 22, 2011 - 2:14 pm

    Sigh — this was lovely, friend. 🙂 Crying is good, so long as it's while you're letting go, right?

    Love you.ReplyCancel

  • lisa - August 22, 2011 - 3:20 pm

    Awww….I've been there- and am STILL there as my oldest boys are going to Middle school this year. I wish I could say it gets easier- but it doesn't. 🙁

    It's all part of this beautiful thing we call motherhood. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

    Love your quote!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Adopted aunt - August 23, 2011 - 2:23 am

    O look at the positive side. How they will continue to grow into who God wants them to be. As much as we sometimes want to hold them back that is not why God gave them to us in the first place. It will be exciting, sometimes sad, sometimes scary but remember they are Gods and all we can do is love them, pray, and show them the way. And it's ok to cry even when they leave for college and beyond. And soon that little one will be here for us all to love.ReplyCancel

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