The Birds and the Bees

One afternoon last week, Chanelle and I were taking a walk around the block.  It was an overcast day with just a slight breeze prompting her white-blonde hair dance through the air.  As we walked I waved to the neighbor as he finished mowing his lawn and said hi to another neighbor who was fixing his dinner on a grill.  A few neighborhood kids whizzed by on bikes and scooters as Chanelle and I chattered on.  Out of nowhere Chanelle makes a statement that I was not prepared for. . .

Let’s talk about the differences between boys and girls.

I swallowed hard and wondered where this might lead.  At first we began talking about what boys like and girls like.  Chanelle led the conversation. . .

Boys like to wrestle and girls like to have tea parties.

I reminded her that she enjoys wrestling with her brother and her Dad and that plenty of men like to drink tea.  She tried again. . .

Boys like to play baseball and girls like to dance. 

Once again I reminded her that she enjoys baseball and pointed to our favorite boy dancers on Dancing With the Stars. (She’s rooting for Jacoby).   This went on for several minutes while I made my point that boys and girls are really a lot alike and anyone can enjoy any activity whether they are a boy or a girl.  She contemplated this for a bit before coming up with another plan. . .

Lets talk about the difference between boys and girls bodies.

{Gulp. . . once again, I had no idea where this might lead.}  I let Chanelle lead the conversation.

Let’s start with the head, she told me.  Boys have short hair and girls have long hair.  

Again, I took the opportunity to point out that lots of girls have short hair and lots of boys have long hair.  This went on through the head region from makeup to jewelry to how we look and how we speak.  I had many opportunities to point out that boys and girls are really more alike than they are different. 

The conversation went on and on and by this time we had made it back home and were sitting on the porch.  In my Mama-mind I was certain that she was leading to some deep questions she had about men and woman and our bodies, so I just let her take the lead.

Next she looked at me and said let’s talk about right here, and she waved her hand over her chest area.  I was ready for this as I anticipated a question about breasts, bras, and mammary glands.  What’s different about boys and girls here, she asked me.

I gave the question back to her, curious where it would lead.  What do you think is different, I asked her?  Without a moments pause she responded, girls have princesses on their shirts and boys have dinosaurs. . . .  

. . . and then Meadows ball rolled into the street and Chanelle was up and running to fetch it and our talk obliterated into thin air.

Ah, the simple mind of a 5-year old. 

I guess we’re not quite ready for the birds and the bees just yet. 

I’m trying it her way today. . .  I’m keepin’ it simple.  Things that have made me smile. . .


1. Miss Nancy

Now that the weather has changed, we find ourselves spending time almost daily with our (most awesome) neighbor, Miss Nancy.  I’ve said it before–we love her.

Meadow has claimed her as her own and has matched Charlie and Chanelle’s love for her–through probably not mine.  I’m not sure how we can talk for an hour every day and not run our of things to talk about, but we don’t. 

We will miss her immensely when we move.


2.  Style

Our little Meadow has her own little style.  I really, really adore it.  It’s not too complicated, really.  Her style mostly consists of whatever I put on her, and leg warmers.  Lots of them.  Everywhere.

I like that she’s a girl with her own style.  She wears it with pride and we let her.  I hope she stays this way.

Oh, and she like’s hats, too.


3. Walks

This is Meadow’s favorite activity.  Morning, afternoon, and evening. . . she constantly requests that we go on walks.  Of course she doesn’t speak to us, but she communicates in her own way.  Either she brings her stroller out from the garage indicating that it’s time to roll or she drags her stylish pink and purple car from the garage insisting that we push or she starts up the sidewalk all on her own, leaving us no choice but to follow.

I am quite certain that my girl covers close to a mile a day.  That’s tough for a little one, you know?  Sometimes, the walking is just too much for her and she flings herself on the ground and and lets us know that she can’t take one. more. step.

Have I mentioned that she is our most dramatic child?


4.  Grandpa love

No words needed.


5.  Ducks

This time of year brings an almost daily request. . . can we go see the ducks?  Truth is, they don’t care a whole lot about the ducks, but rather, the large fish that swim under the dock.  I enjoy the little get-a-way first thing in the morning.  The scene is so peaceful as we are typically the only people there.  As I watch the sunlight dance over the water, I love listening the the squeals of my girls while they ohh and ahh at the scene before them.

I’ll refrain from mentioning the conversation that ensued after two ducks were “wrestling”. 


6.  Nature

We find ourselves in it more and more these days.  Each morning we decide which of our favorite places we will explore.  We are happier out there–in the sun, in the breeze, in the beauty that seems to shout during this time of year.

When we leave the house things seem to slow down–or my mind seems to slow down.  I’m more able to let go of the endless to-do list, I’m able to hear my girls better and to see them better.  As I watch them try to sneak up on bull frogs or gently smell flowers, for a moment, first things are first.

Somehow, when we are out “there” being present is the only thing to do.


7.  Sunmer Lovin’

Baseball games under the glorious evening light tell me summer is almost here.  I can almost taste it. 

(and I adore that she dances during a baseball game). 


It’s late and I’m pretty tired.  Seven seems like a great place to stop.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

  • Sassytimes - May 8, 2013 - 8:07 pm

    I absolutely love seeing Meadow wear all my girls' old dresses…but man, how in the world is she that big already?!?! Where'd the baby go? 😉

    Chanelle's boy/girl conversation reminds me so much of Sophia. She asked me one day what was different between girls and boys, pointing to the same area, and I did the same thing…turned it back on her (Mama save! I'm not ready for those talks!). She said we're all the same…we all have a heart inside that needs love and has true feelings. Thank you, Spaghetti in a hot dog bun. 😉 These girls…so sweet. And innocent. If only it could stay that way forever, right?

    V LOVES walks too! He brings me his shoes multiple times a day (or his jacket) and says over and over, "Go, go, go, aaahhhh, go? go? go? Goooooo!!??"

    Love all of your photos as always. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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