Running Chatter

I recently said to Chad:  I wish I could be one of those Mom’s who was just on the ball.  Who remembered things, was organized, had it all together, and did it all with ease.  I thought I would be her. . . I’m so not.
He just laughed.  I’m sure it was one of those situations that would be lose-lose for him.  If he were to say, “oh yes you are” we both would know he was lying.  However, if he were to say, “yeah, too bad for the kids,” he may end up sleeping on the couch. 

In case you need proof.  Here is a small sampling of conversations that have occurred in our house this week. 

Early Saturday morning Charlie emerges down the stairs:  The tooth fairy didn’t leave any money last night.Chad and I quickly and guiltily glance at each other. 
Chad:  She must not know we moved.  I’ll have to have Gramps text her to let her know.
Me:  What side of the bed was your pillow on?
Charlie:  The end of my bed.
Me:  Yeah, that may have been it.  Make sure you put your pillow at the top of your bed.  I’m sure she’ll find it tonight.
Sunday MorningFrom the top of the stairs Charlie yells down. . . The tooth fairy didn’t come again.
Chad and I again glance at each other.  Chad takes this one:  I forgot to tell Gramps to text her. 
We quickly change the subject.

Sunday afternoon:  Charlie loses another tooth.

Sunday NightCharlie yells down from the top of the stairs:  Daddy, will you please remember to put money under my pillow tonight?  I need those $2 bills.
Monday Morning:  Charlie bounds down to the basement while I’m on the treadmill.  The tooth fairy didn’t leave money again!
Like the responsible mother I am, I responded with a “hmmmm”
and then changed the subject.

Monday Afternoon:  Chanelle informs me that, “I told Mrs. Miller (her teacher) that you sometimes kick daddy out of bed because he’s snoring so loud.” 

Let’s just say I’m feeling like a class act these days.  Claaaaaaasssssy.

It is in times like this that I want to keep it simple.  Celebrate the little things.  Highlight what is right.  Focus on what is important.  It is in times like this when a Running Chatter post seems necessary. . .


1.  Art
The weather is quickly changing.  And then it changes again.  And then once again.  It’s cooler.  Daylight is sparse.  We are rediscovering our indoor activities.  We are rediscovering art that does not involve chalk or a sidewalk.

I love that they love to create things.  I hope they always enjoy this.  And if they don’t?  You can bet that one day I will be found snuggled in a corner with a pack of crayons and a coloring book all by myself.  What is it about the smell of crayons and glue and glitter that just makes everything feel. . . simple.


2.  Words
Sight words are a big deal in Kindergarten. 

(Sidenote:  I wrote a note to Chanelle’s teacher earlier this year and in referencing “sight” words I wrote “site words”.  I didn’t realize it until later when her teacher sent the note back home.  I’m guessing I have several strikes against me with Mrs. Miller.  I did correct it and send it back and earned my “A”. 

Anyway, Chanelle loves practicing her words.  When we read books, I get in trouble if I don’t stop and let her read the sight word.  She’s even teaching Meadow.

And she reads to Meadow. . .

One day as Chanelle was reviewing her words I looked up to see Meadow holding these two cards. 

I did not hand them to her.  She picked them out of a pile of 20 words all by herself.  Seriously, you just can’t plan these things.  The “Go Me” totally fits our littlest personality.


3.  Innovation
Charlie recently came up with the perfect way to make Meadow’s life easier.

Now she doesn’t have to pick her cup off of the floor where she usually leaves it.  Now, she can just grab it as it hangs down from the stair railing. 

I think Chad has passed on his knack for finding the “Lazy man’s way” onto his son.


4.  Prayer
I apologize if you follow my 365 Project on Facebook and have already heard this story.  However, some stories are worth repeating.

has made the recent discovery that if she breaks into prayer
immediately after spitting her dinner out of her mouth, she is less
likely to get in trouble.

Her prayer consists of holding
hands, closing eyes, mumbling for several seconds, sometimes minutes,
followed by a loud, “Aben!”.

This discovery has seriously
hindered our ability to discipline her due to the immense cuteness. I
suppose we should pick our battles.

And there you have it.  Tell me. . . how do you discipline this?!


5.  James Vincent McMorrow

I just discovered this artist.  Dude.  His music just makes me happy.  It’s kind of folky (I just made that word up–Mrs. Miller would be proud), soft, subtle, and evocative. 

I’m guessing, due to my lack of coolness, the world has known about him for a long time.  I’m usually late to the party, though, and just thought I’d mention him. 


6.  Happy
Meadow and I have one or two days a week when it’s just the two of us.  I must say that I love these days.  It is so fun to get one on one time with our quirky little girl who is full of life, energy, creativity and affection.  I find myself trying to hold on to the memories.  Capture every expression, word, and quickly changing behavior. 

What I understand this time around that I didn’t get a few years ago is how quickly this will all pass.  Far. too. quickly.

She is typically a very happy little girl.

The day she dressed herself and followed me outside without my knowing. . .


7. Except when she’s not. . .

Because sometime she’s just not happy. . .

. . . and I think that is equally as adorable.


8.  Construction
Now that we live in the country, our parks are fewer and farther in between. 

. . . so we kind of make our own.


9.  Dude, there’s a butterfly on her head.

Yep.  That about sums it up.


10.  Imperfect
I am learning to embrace the many imperfections that come with motherhood.  Okay, well at least with this Mama.  I’m not always on the ball.  Sometimes I pack peanut butter and jelly when they ask for just peanut butter.  Sometimes I forget to remind the tooth fairy to make her deliveries.  Sometimes I forget to put their library books in their backpacks.  Sometimes, I even show up late for graduation. (Okay, just once on that one.) I could make a list three miles long of the many balls I’ve dropped.

I’m so far from the mom I wish I was.  But you know something? 

I’m not real sure any of that will really matter in the end.  I think what will matter are the hugs and the kisses.  The “how was your day?’s and the bedtime stories.  I think what will matter is the way their hands fit into mine as we walk quietly together.

I think the things that will matter down the road will look nothing like the things that I think matter today. 

At least. . . I hope so.


But, for the record:  The Tooth Fairy made her appearance sometime during the night on Monday. 

  • CharisFaith - November 7, 2013 - 12:33 pm

    You are the Mom that God chose for Charlie, Chanelle, and Meadow, He knew just the parents that they would need! You are right in the end what will matter is the how was your day, the bedtime stories, and the way that you showed how to enjoy life and life's small moments! TOO CUTE about the praying after spitting her food out, very smart cookie that one! We were never meant to be perfect, just to do the best we can and appreciate what we have!ReplyCancel

  • Sassytimes - November 8, 2013 - 3:21 pm

    I miss you!ReplyCancel

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