Trapeze, Puzzles, and Balance

I am a wife and a mother.  Sometimes it is difficult to remember that I became a wife before I became a Mommy. Upon the entrance of children,  I learned quickly that balancing the roles of wife and mother require the skills of balance that I have only seen in the most talented of trapeze artists.

Trapeze artist I am not.  Perfect balance I do not have.

This weekend, however, balance was made easier when my in-laws swept the kids away for the day to enjoy a football experience. 

This is what we were doing before the kids left. . .

We were all working on a puzzle.

After Charlie was born, Chad and I used to love to do puzzles.  We sat at our kitchen table for hours, with Charlie asleep in his infant swing, and pieced together complicated puzzles.  During that time we talked, laughed, and enjoyed just being together.  As the weeks and months moved forward and infants turned into toddlers such times were more difficult to come by.  Until recently when they have joined us, that is. 

These moments of togetherness. . . I absolutely love them.  I love being a part of all that is “us”.  But let me tell you something else.  I equally love those moments when I am given the opportunity to return back to the original “us”. 

And that is what we did.  Chad and I.  We enjoyed a day together, did some shopping, went out to eat and just enjoyed being who we have always been. . . Friends.  The best of friends.  There is something powerful about getting time away from the day to day in order to just be together, not as Mommy and Daddy, but as Chad and Summer.

A free evening might prompt some couples to enjoy an expensive restaurant while others might take in a movie.  Not us, though.  What did we do?

We continued to work on the Toy Story puzzle. . . sans kids. . . 

We have learned is that it’s not necessarily what we are doing that is important. . .it is the being together that is important.  And spending a day like this, doing a lot of nothing together, goes far to bring balance to scales that so easily get off balance.  And I am reminded that while my role as Mommy is vital, my role as wife is just as vital. . .

. . . because they don’t just see they way they love them. . . they see the way we love each other. 

  • Written Permission - November 15, 2010 - 5:59 pm

    Ohhh, I just loved this. 🙂 You two are the cutest cutes who ever cuted, I'm telling you. So glad you got to spend a day just being besties. 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • lisa - November 18, 2010 - 1:42 am

    simply beautiful…ReplyCancel

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