This morning when I felt myself stirring from the world of dreams, I slowly turned over in bed and allowed just enough light in to see if it was daylight.  The room was still dark so I glanced at the clock. . . 6:45.  Immediately, I felt my mood begin to slip as I assumed yesterday’s forecast was holding steady with rain and clouds outside.  Without moving too quickly, I paid careful attention to the feelings in my gut, guarding against the nausea that has plagued me for several weeks.

I don’t feel sick. . . I think I’m in the clear. 

Thankful that I felt no nausea this morning I allowed my other eye to slide open and glanced toward the windows covered by dark blinds.

Wait a second. . . is that sunlight I see?

Immediately, I leaped out of bed and slid open the blinds. . . a sunny day! 

I really didn’t have any big plans or expectations for Mother’s Day, but tucked deep in my heart I was longing for a nice day.  Honestly, I am just about done with being stuck inside waiting for the rain to stop, the sun to shine, and the wind to diminish. 

Somebody heard my Mother’s Day wish. . . and delivered.

I’m not one that is big on gifts, big to-do’s, or lots of fuss.  What I am big on, though, is being together.  And together we were.

After a nice lunch out we returned home and basked in the outdoors like we’d been trapped inside for the last six months.

My little girl is becoming bigger and bigger as she has now learned to “pump” her legs and swing herself.  “I can do it, Mommy.” 

Or my son who has transitioned from a plastic baseball bat to a real baseball bat. 

While he’s at it, might as well work on the golf swing, too.

When he’s really serious and concentrating, he sticks his tongue out like that.  His dad does it. . . and his Gramps. . .and his uncle. . . and today we realized his sister does, too. . .

. . . they come by it honestly.

But really, this being together-thing.  Aw man. . . it makes it all worth it.  The busy weeks, the crowded schedules, the constant running. . . a day like today makes me realize how much we need to make sure that we plan to do “nothing” often.  This “nothing” stuff is the food that energizes my body and my soul and sets my tank above the FULL line.

We discovered that our Robin family has returned everyone took their chance to see.

I’ll spare you the picture of Chad lifting me up there. . . just take my word for it–it was a sight to see.

And when we felt we had seen all there was to see at home, we moved our explorations to one of our favorite places.  The arboretum or as Charlie calls it “Ard-er-a-bor-e-tum” 

Let me tell you if you have an arboretum in or near you town, it is a must.  We love to walk, explore, discover, and bask in the beauty of the nature.  Even after being pummeled by a tornado last year, the beauty of the place is breath-taking and smile producing for all of us.

It’s almost as if when we are there, we enter another world.  A world that is only beautiful, peaceful and calm.  A world where sweet scents are all around and laying in the grass for a quick nap is not only accepted, but expected. 

We are happy here and find ourselves in this little haven often in the warm months. . . we are happy here. . .

There are no electronics, no noisy toys, no battling for who goes first or whose turn it is.  Nope, our entertainment is all around us. . .

Do you know how much fun you can have with these?  Chanelle does. . .

. . . but sometimes, no matter how hard you try,  you still need some help. . .

And that is exactly the point when all seems right with the world.  And I guess what I really wanted to say is that I really wanted today to be sunny. 

It was.  

And that made me happy.

  • Sassytimes - May 9, 2011 - 1:05 pm

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. I was so excited too when it was sunny all day yesterday! Beautiful. We were out all day long. It was perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - May 9, 2011 - 3:25 pm

    It must be a Kellogg trait with the tongue thing! David does that sometimes! How funny!


  • heidi - May 9, 2011 - 4:05 pm

    When I taught a little buddy of mine to blow the dandelion fluff she inhaled and just ended up with a bunch stuck to her lips!ReplyCancel

  • Summer - May 10, 2011 - 8:11 pm

    @ Heidi. . that's adorable.

    @ Tammy. . . How funny is that. If I wasn't convinced before, now I'm sure of it. It's a Kellogg thing.ReplyCancel

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