My sister has a tattoo covering the entire upper part of her arm.  It is bright and colorful and displays an array of pictures that represent different memories of our life together–as sisters.  There is a stopwatch that represents the numerous times I would “time” her to see how fast she could clean my room.  The hairbrush is a reminder of all the time we spent doing each each others hair.  There is also an icon from the video game Hero, which we used to play together for hours on end, and a game of Life spinner–another favorite of ours.

The reality is, when you have a sibling the memories are endless.  Some are good, some are silly, some are sad, some hurt, some make you smile and some of them make you laugh out loud. When I think back to the years I spent growing up with my little sister. . . more than not, I am laughing out loud. 

Today is her birthday.  A special day for her.  A day when I get to celebrate her simply for being who. she. is.

Ashley, I am so glad that YOU are my sister.  I have so many good, solid memories of us tucked away in my heart.  But even more than what we had back then, I enjoy what we have right now.  You are no longer my shadow and I am no longer the parental older sister. You are who you are. . . and I am who I am. 

Now, we are more than sisters. . . we are friends.  There are so many reason I admire you.

Ashley, your greatest quality is the incredible way that you stand by your family and friends.  Anyone who is in your circle is lucky to be there. . . and they know it. 

Your quick wit and sarcastic humor is unmatched by anyone I know.  You are simply FUN to be around.

I love that we share a weakness for bread and for all children’s cereal.  I’m pretty sure that’s in our blood.  (I blame it on mom and dad.)

I enjoy that you gave me the nickname “Rah-Rah” when you were little.  It’s funny how those things stick.

I’ve always known that we are close, but since Mom died. . . we are even closer.  Now, YOU are the one I call for the silly, mundane, and overly-dramatic things I share.  Thank you for being there each and every time.

Your hair?  It’s gorgeous.

Oh, and when I see you with my kids. . .


Oh Ashley, there are just so many things I could say about you and so many reasons I love you.

Simply put though, I love you because you are you.

I’m so happy to have been beside you for these last 29 years and I can’t wait to see what the the future has for you.  I wish for you to dream big dreams and that you might see those dreams come true.  One thing I know for sure is that there are no limits to what you can do. 

I am so thankful for you.

I love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous - July 8, 2011 - 1:14 am

    So happy for you to have each other. Sisters are the best!ReplyCancel

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