A Holy Yes

A writer must say yes to life, to all of life: the water glasses, the Kemp’s half-and-half, the ketchup on the counter.  It is not a writer’s task to say, “It is dumb to live in a small town or to eat in a café when you can eat macrobiotic at home.”  Our task is to say a holy yes to the real things of our life as they exist — the real truth of who we are: several pounds overweight, the gray, cold street outside, the Christmas tinsel in the showcase, the Jewish writer in the orange booth across from her blond friend who has black children.  We must become writers who accept things as they are, come to love the details, and step forward with a yes on our lips so that there can be no more noes in the world, noes that invalidate life and stop these details from continuing.”
Natalie Goldberg,
Writing Down The Bones

Sometimes I read words that send chills up my spine.  Words that reach deep into my belly and connect to my spirit and remind me that life is for living.

Wishing each of you a weekend filled with Holy Yes’s as you come to love the details. . .

Happy Friday!

  • Sassytimes - September 9, 2011 - 1:07 pm

    What a good way to start the day!

    Parent orientation went well last night…I cried…okay, twice. But, I left excited.

    Today is meet the teacher day…we are all excited. Yay!ReplyCancel

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