What’s Behind The Name?

We have been asked the question a lot. . . “what is behind Meadow’s name?”  I thought I would take an opportunity now to answer the big question. 

Of course all of us take great care in the naming of our children.  We are no exception.  I feel that in naming our children we begin the process of shaping them.  Maybe that sounds silly, but I truly believe it.  From their first breath we speak their name and their name begins to define them.  (Or they define their name.)  Having grown up with the name “Summer” I have always been especially aware of the power of our names.  Often,  I was teased because of my name.  It never bothered me, though, I felt my name said something. . . Whether I fit my name or my name fit me. . . it just worked.  Even today, I often get sarcastic comments about my name and while I usually roll my eyes and spout right back, I am acutely aware that my name sticks out.  I like that.

When we chose the names for our children we wanted them to have meaning.  We wanted the name to say something.  We wanted our kids to be proud of their names.  Personally, I think each of them fit their name beautifully.

Charles Kim.  (Charlie)

Charlie was named after my Grandfather (Charles) and my Father-in-Law (Kim).  We felt that the name was strong and that he was carrying with him a legacy of strength.  My Grandfather and Father-in-Law are extremely proud of their name sake.  I believe that Charlie will be just as proud to carry the name throughout his life. 

Chanelle Christen

After naming Charlie, Chad and I really liked the idea of giving our children heritage names.  We felt, in a strange sort of way, that having family names carry on a legacy and give meaning.  I was lucky enough to have parents that gave me a really pretty first and middle name which we then passed on to our first daughter.  Chanelle is my middle name and Christen is my maiden name.  I am very proud of my maiden name and I was thrilled when we were able to carry it on in our own little family when Chanelle was born.  Just like Charlie, I believe Chanelle will carry her name with pride throughout her life.

Meadow Forsha (pronounce Forshay)

Chad and I agonized over this name.  From the beginning we knew that we would use “Forsha”.  Forsha is my Mother-in-laws maiden name.  I think it’s beautiful and hopefully someday we will stop saying, “Forsha pronounced Forshay”.  Forshay just sounds so pretty as opposed to “forsha” like porsha.  We had searched through both sides of our families to find a heritage name that would be perfect for her first name.  Unfortunately, nothing struck us the way Charlie and Chanelle had.  Several months ago we finally found a name that we both liked.  We weren’t thrilled with it, but thought it was pretty and unique.  Unique was the key with this.  I really wanted this baby to have a unique name.  The name we chose was “Saige”.

Saige is pretty.  I really liked it and so did Chad.  We decided we would not tell anyone the name because we were getting swayed too much by the opinions of others.  Several days later, though, my Grandmother (a.k.a Mama) got it out of me while we were talking on the phone.  After we hung up we had the following exchange via several emails. . .

MamaI promise not to do this again – the name you mentioned reminded me of Meadow, and I thought – Hey, I like that – I think it is so pretty.

SummerIt is pretty…I’ll mention it to Chad…I have a feeling he won’t like it.  Saige is the only one we have agreed on.
Summer:  It’s growing on me by the minute…it really is.  And guess what…Chad even likes it.
Mama:   You are such a nature family, I’m glad you like it.  I’ve never heard of any one named Meadow.  Loads of time yet – not really.
SummerWow….yeah…I think I’m really liking it.:)

Today, I asked my Grandmother to recall her thought process in coming up with this name.  She said, “My thoughts in mentioning it was it seemed so peaceful, clean and sweet.  Never having heard of it before as a name made it a little more special and seemed to suit your family  as well.” 

There you have it.  This is how Meadow got her name.  While it’s not fully a “heritage” name, it is a name that was suggested by my Grandmother and so will carry with it the same special meaning and relevance as Charlie and Chanelle.  She has a unique name and while she might hear some negative comments throughout her life, my hope is that she will embrace it and see it as just as lovely as I see my own.  Having known Meadow for just five short days, I would already venture to say that she fits her name perfectly.  Just as my Grandmother said. . . Meadow is “peaceful” and “sweet” beyond words. 

**If you like her name I invite you to share your thoughts so years from now when she is complaining that we have given her such a “weird” name we can point back to this space and the positive reactions from others.  πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous - November 23, 2011 - 1:42 pm

    the name is perfect for Meadow and your family. period.

    i believe that kids (and, ewww, even grown-ups) make fun of people's names and mock them no matter what they are.

    (this is Miss, still not signed in, but don't feel like fixing it!)ReplyCancel

  • heidi - November 23, 2011 - 5:03 pm

    Summer, It's so cool to read about how you named your children, and I think you picked very well. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Adopted sunt - November 23, 2011 - 9:38 pm

    I am glad you explained Summer but when I first heard the name I thought "sweet, tranquil, pleasant, a place you want to go to". I also thought about your mil and how she would love to build a house I. The meadow. I believe it's a beautiful name. And by the pics I have seen she fits it well. I love it. I actually I the last several months have been wondering why my parents went from Jacquelyn to calling me Jackie. While both are good I really like Jacquelyn better. A name is important. I just can't wait to see her, hold her and look. And of course I am missing the other two like crazy!ReplyCancel

  • lisa - November 23, 2011 - 9:56 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the name! And from getting to know you and your family thru this blog of yours…it just seemed to fit so beautifully!

    What a sweet story behind her name…I am the same way about naming my babies! It had to have special meaning…I can't imagine she will ever dislike her name! She's just as beautiful as her name is….Congrats again!ReplyCancel

  • mommathieszen - November 24, 2011 - 2:18 pm

    Summer, I love hearing the stories behind their names! We are big into names and heritage too. Our kids' middle names (besides Nora, who will have her own Haitian heritage in her middle name) are all family names as well. There is something about passing on the family heritage into them, we feel is important. As far as first names, we went more with what we liked and what they meant. Both had to gel with us for us to settle on it. You are right, however, that either the name makes the child or the child makes the name. I truly feel like God has meant for each of our kids to have the first names they have–the meanings will speak something into each of them that Micah and I want them to grasp as TRUTH in who God made them. The fact you can tell Meadow such a wonderful story behind her beautiful name is a treasure. I grieve that I only have one grandma left and she has Alzheimers so she wouldn't be able to help me ever pick a name. Cherish and treasure that moment you were able to have with her–a joining of your past and your future. How special. And as far as the name itself–it fits very well. The first thing I thought of was actually how many pictures I see on your blog of the natural surroundings of your home and the peaceful views of a meadow-type landscape with trees springing up here and there. A slight mist hovering over the ground–it's just a picture of God's created beauty. Meadow is also a picture of God's created beauty. She is also a beautiful "product" of you and Chad. Chad–a lover of trees and landscaping and you a lover of nature in general…it just fits.

    For your future needs….

    Meadow, you are a beautiful creation of God–don't let anyone ever tell you differently. Believe what you know to be true about yourself–YOU, Meadow, are a delight to the Lord and to your parents. Your name has meaning and depth behind it that others will always long for. The fact your parents didn't name you Jane Doe says more than you think–it means they love you, they are intently focused on you, and they care about you and your future as well as your past. Be blessed by your namesake, Meadow, be blessed…God has intended for you to have the name Meadow since before you were even formed in your mama's womb…that's the beautiful Truth.ReplyCancel

  • Ky β€’ twopretzels.com - November 28, 2011 - 9:38 pm

    You know, when I read Meadow's name for the first time it just made sense.

    It's calm, and beautiful… it's perfect.

    I truly love it.ReplyCancel

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