Pitter-Patter and PJs

Fall.  Can I talk about it too much?  Probably. . .but there are so many facets to it, I can’t help myself.  There are the days when I am fooled into thinking it must be 80 degree’s outside as Fall’s brilliant sun shines.  A step outside reveals my mistake as the crisp air meets my skin.  And then there are days when the wind  blows and the orange, brown, and red leaves begin to tumble to the ground creating a cascade of beauty that is as inviting as a stunning piece of art.  And then there are days like today. . .Days when clouds cover the sky and temperatures fall and it rains from beginning to end.

I love these days.  Love them!  In fact, when I looked at the forecast and saw that it was likely going to rain all day, I declared a PJ day!  This is a big deal to our kids.  When Charlie heard the news he exclaimed, “AWESOME!”. 

So, when the kids woke up this morning they were ready to be at home.  Gone was our usual errand running, appointments, meeting friends at parks, and seemingly endless running that happens more often than not.  This was a day to be inside. . . in our PJs.  We played games, watched movies, and a favorite of everyone. . . Play-Doh. 

This one is mine. . . you’re impressed aren’t you?
As much as I love going and doing, there is something special about the days when it is just us. . . together. . .at home.  I am served muli-colored food in a Play-doh restaurant run by my little blondies.  Ice cream sundaes, bananas, pies, water, lemonade, and a special “fix-your-belly-ache potion to complete the meal.  
I love getting this glimpse into their imaginations and I am drawn in completely.  We sit together and eat our pretend food and drink while they both tell me of the circus they will perform later in the evening.  As we talk we listen to the rain pitter-patter on the windows and snuggle inside like most do on days like today.  Inside, that is, until the idea is presented. . . 
“Let’s play in the rain!” 

Does it make me a bad mom to let my kids play in the rain when it is 50 degrees outside?  Once the idea is out there, there is no escaping it. . . 

For this they will gladly tear out of their PJs. . .
These are the moments when I just wish I had a pause button.  The moments I want to live in forever.  They are such simple moments, but the proclamations of “This is amazing!” and “I can’t believe we are doing this!” are the ingredients of a perfect day.  I don’t know that I could ever tire of their enthusiasm, excitement, and ability to live in this moment. 

 I take in their smiles and their giggles and it is food for my soul.  I am so happy to be right here and it feels so surreal . . . I can’t believe this is my life and these are my children.  How did I get here?  I feel so blessed as I drink it all in.  Thankful, oh so thankful. 

Kids will be kids, though, and in the end our outside adventure had to come to an end when Chanelle broke into tears. . .

She was upset because, “Charlie got me wet!” 

Teeth chattering and sopping wet they insisted that they put their PJ’s back on because it’s PJ day.  And so we did. . .

. . .  and we sit together while we warm our insides with hot chocolate and talk about the “awesome” time we had.  And in that moment, I am sure of it. . . this is the perfect day. 

  • Trophy Life - September 29, 2010 - 11:17 am

    1). that is beautiful! i loved hearing about this day

    2). how do you get that playdough off the floor?

    3). whenever i am mad today, i'm going to think in my head "Charlie got me wet!" and feel totally better. i'm STILL laughing about this to myself. plus, i can hear your voice in my head telling me the story which makes it even better. i love it.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Hammett - October 2, 2010 - 12:02 am

    Oh what a perfectly perfect day! So much fun – they will remember these days forever…you are fostering such incredible spontaneity and freedom for them by engaging them in beauty of life and enjoyment of the simple things…the only sadness in my heart? That we couldn't be there with you to play in the rain!ReplyCancel

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